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How To See Friends Activity On Facebook Sidebar


ISLAVERDE29 wishing his best buttbuddy, A-Log, a happy birthday in a typically humorless fashion. Sprache: Deutsch Herkunft der Inhalte: Deutschland Eingeschränkter Modus: Aus Verlauf Hilfe Wird geladen... It is not merely abysmal, it is the Abyss. Well, at least he doesn't want to exterminate them or anything... check over here

Unfortunately, we no longer support these versions of Internet Explorer. Wird geladen... Skype: Lucida_Von_Tokkentakker Her MySpace Her deviantArt Her profile on Anime Music Videos.org Her Wii Friendcode: 1978-1943-4713 - Why not play Super Smash Bros with MsUmlaut? It was only when A-Log's ED page surfaced and the trolling of him began in earnest that MsUmlaut realized the true extent of what she had gotten herself into. https://www.facebook.com/help/community/question/?id=10151430491321439

How To See Friends Activity On Facebook Sidebar

Anybody else reminded of that scene in The Shining? Inevitably for one of A-Log's little e-gang, ISLAVERDE29 made a video about Chris-chan. Only the inevitable could result and PaganDeathKnight got his very own personal Calling Out saga; rife with plenty of hilariously fake dox, PaganDeathKnight attempting to disguise the butthurt with a mock Following a proud tradition, Dustin Hooper is yet another whiny autistic in A-Log's circle of trust that makes mocking videos of easy targets on YouTube to draw attention away from his

Wird verarbeitet... It was also pointed out what an odd, uncanny coincidence it was that the YouTube commentary scene just suddenly stopped being fun and interesting for Spacky Ben around about the same Why, with his rakish good looks and effervescent charisma, you could be forgiven for thinking that this man whiles away his hours carefully crafting homemade nailbombs and/or luring children to his How To See Someone Else's Activity Log On Facebook ISLAVERDE29 learns of his waifu's defection to the side of the trolls.

Nobody apparently had the heart to tell her that you can buy exactly the same shit at Hot Topic for a quarter of the price. But I leave my room... „ —John, via his glass house As well as providing epic pwnage on classic lolcows such as Sailormoonred1, John is also a prolific writer of As well as psychotic tard rage, ISLAVERDE29's videos are also frequently punctuated by odd, awkward pauses where he struggles to come up with something else to say, as well as frequently Hardcore enough to review kid's stuff. „ —The Hardcore Kid's catchphrase. “ FREDDIE SHALL RULE THE WORLD!! „ —Hardcore Kid, trying to force a meme. “ The

The YouTube channel he used to troll A-Log and pals BALEETED! How To See Friends Activity On Facebook Mobile Previous Quote | Next Quote Now who's this guy? A much more suitable name for him, however, would be the Tries Too Hard-core Kid, as just one look at Brandon Nichols reveals that, for all his posturing, underneath it all, Wird geladen...

Facebook Friend Activity Tracker

Honorable Mention: PaganDeathKnight - the Wannabe Friend of A-Log PaganDeathKnight's Cenobite twin brother, Butterball. Privacy policy About Encyclopedia Dramatica Disclaimers VPN Service How It Works Features Apps Downloads Toggle navigation Categories Discussions Community Guidelines FAQ and Support Articles Sign In Home › NAS & Other How To See Friends Activity On Facebook Sidebar You can doubtless look forward to seeing this image again, one day, illustrating a news report which ends with the phrase "...Before turning the gun on himself." RAWR I R NINJOR Facebook Activity Log Friends Then again, I wouldn't use 'hardcore' to describe sitting in front of a camera bitching about Internet nobodies. „ —Mskull01 on The Hardcore Kid. “ Everything about this guy's

Rinse the knife in VERY HOT water between slices. His Twitter PSN ID: spacemtfan - You could play vidya with SpaceScreaminJohn, but sadly, PS3 has no gaems. FormSpring Blip.tv Read John's classic fanfics His MySpace His Facebook BALEETED! This is ISLAVERDE29, (powerword Robert Price) a.k.a. How To See Someones Facebook Activity Without Being Friends

This fa/tv/irgin mentioned a run-in he had with Hardcore Kid IRL at an anime convention. “ Hey dudes, Hardcore Kid here. Piccadilly site Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BD See map Burlington Gardens site 6 Burlington Gardens, London W1S 3ET See map Secure ordering Customer privacy Terms and Conditions Online Please include your IP address in your email. Previous Video|Next Video The Hardcore Kid first got linked to A-Log's dubious Internets legacy when he invited A-Log and a couple of other sweaty, mouth-breathing aspies to do 'The Most Smegged

There, you'll find guidelines on conduct, tips on getting the help you may be searching for, and more! How To See Friends Recent Activity On Facebook Timeline MsUmlaut sells out her former friends to the amusement of /cwc/ The Hardcore Kid This person is a pony-raping horsefucker.Love and tolerate! "At least I'm too hardcore to be Chris-chan!" Hmmmm... This culminated in NeuGristle87 providing /cwc/ with some delicious n00dz with his droopy, hair-covered man-tits and tiny, shriveled penis on full display.

Paul David Smith, 18, of Roanoke, Virginia, is not a true friend of A-Log, but an aspiring friend of A-Log, making him possibly even sadder than the rest of that fat

Mrs. Yes, even the snuff videos on the internet would improve by 10%. Anmelden Teilen Mehr Melden Möchtest du dieses Video melden? Activity Log Facebook Mobile John betrays A-Log to the trolls wackyben86 "...but at least I'm not Chris-chan!" Hard to go wrong with a classic Fat Boy's Fedora.

Not cool, dude. Champthom, moderator of the CWCki Forums, responds to the explosion of faggotry. Hellsing920 - Boring, unfunny fat fuck reviewer that A-Log and his little pals all desperately aspire to be. Howdy, Stranger!

NeuGristle does an absolutely hilarious impression of Sailormoonred1. He presented his brilliant plans for trolling A-Log by stealing the password to his YouTube account and holding it hostage unless his former friend made some videos of himself doing various Sign In with Plex Sign In Register Categories Recent Discussions Best Of... His YouTube page BALEETED!

A self described 'hardcore guy' who loves watching children's programming such as My Little Pony, Thomas the Tank Engine and Robot Wars and doing commentaries on them, like most of the PaganDeathKnight later attempted to redeem himself in the eyes of his tormentors by making a shitty attempt at a troll fic, a YouTube video where he explained how much he loves A-Log confides in MsUmlaut about the information he has recieved regarding those dang dirty trolls. ISLAVERDE29 here...

Like most sufferers of the dreaded 'spergers, Anthony LoGatto has found solace among a nakama not unlike those found in those Japanimation shows he's so fond of. Do this on all three sides of the log, then complete the slice by gently pushing down through the log. I purchase this item every year - and every year it is enjoyed by all.