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What Is /dev/fuse


I created it manually: mknod /dev/fuse c 0 0 chown root.fuse /dev/fuse chmod 0666 /dev/fuse But this does not appear to be what sshfs needs: $ sshfs chi:/tv4 tv4 fusermount: failed I installed the recent 7.10 beta. Fuse module not loaded. Tarik.

My nickhandle is in my profile. I get: [email protected]:~$ sudo google-drive-ocamlfuse -label me -debug gdrive/ Starting application setup (label=me, base_dir=/home/b0ef/.gdfuse). Note that the changes will be reverted if you re-install. Great stuff.

What Is /dev/fuse

Can you try again please. If you mounted a remote drive in screen, could you access it outside of screen? Any solution? Niels Previous message: [Gluster-users] RHEL 5.8 mount fails "cannot open /dev/fuse" Next message: [Gluster-users] glusterfsd process spinning Messages sorted by: [ date ] [ thread ] [ subject ] [ author

Please don't fill out this field. They might disagree with you, but this is the way to get your bugs fixed. The maintainers will read what you write and take it seriously. Regards.

Will report back if I encounter any problem. Browse other questions tagged ssh debian sshfs fuse or ask your own question. I cannot commit to an ETA for availability as we need to prioritize all the developments. Changed in fuse (Ubuntu): status: Confirmed → Fix Released summary: - REGRESSION: fusermount: failed to open /dev/fuse: Permission denied+ fusermount: failed to open /dev/fuse: Permission denied Martin Pitt (pitti) wrote on

Checked sshfs, it's working now, thanks! Is this a problem? But why don't put directly the all "desktop" user in the fuse group? locale: Cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locale: No such file or directory locale: Cannot set LC_MESSAGES to default locale: No such file or directory locale: Cannot set LC_ALL to default locale:

/dev/fuse Android

[email protected]:~$ /etc/init.d/fuse stop /bin/fusermount Fuse control filesystem not mounted. Nick handle: ###### howardsl22014-06-04, 01:15 [email protected] We have activated fuse on your VPS. What Is /dev/fuse One of them has the default installed kernel 2.6.20-15 and is fine, the other 2 have been updated immediately on being installed to 2.6.20-16 and both have the problem with fusermount. Fuse File System A recent bug in fuse package ? –Yves Martin Jun 6 '13 at 12:40 Didn't work for me, neither did changing the group and setting permissions on /dev/fuse. –Adambean

Regards yoakim brad20142014-05-14, 01:10 PMThanks for your reply. howardsl22014-06-07, 06:06 PMThis is what i get when i run "sshfs [email protected]: mountpoint" fuse: failed to open /dev/fuse: Operation not permitted and [email protected]:~$ modprobe fuse libkmod: ERROR ../libkmod/libkmod.c:505 kmod_lookup_alias_from_builtin_file: could not I can't find any relevant differences between the PC that doesn't work as expected and the 2 others except the kernel version. All Rights Reserved.

Opening log file: /home/b0ef/.gdfuse/me/gdfuse.log fuse: mount failed: No such device [email protected]:~$ , so still the same Owner astrada commented Jul 26, 2016 Probably you have to restart your VE (see https://forum.openvz.org/index.php?t=msg&goto=11793& yoakim2014-06-04, 11:01 AMI can also test it! Don't know how it got into this state. Fuse is included in the stock debian etch kernel (2.6.18) but if you install this on a older debian system you could easily use module-assistant to add FUSE support to your

For example, on my Kimsufi dedicated server the output would be: # ls -l /dev/fuse crw-rw---T 1 root fuse 10, 229 Apr 4 05:08 /dev/fuse Could you please help me enable In need of fuse to use SSHFS in order to move from my old dedicated server to my new VPS. mazeman2014-05-18, 11:17 AM+1 for FUSE Support on VPS classic js2014-05-30, 08:50 AMWe had not forgotten about you guys!

How do I do this >manually? > >Dave > > PS here's what my kernel module says -- don't know why it's not creating /dev/fuse: # modinfo fuse filename: /lib/modules/2.6.14/kernel/fs/fuse/fuse.ko alias:

Can you please add it to the FAQ at http://fuse.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/SshfsFaq Thanks, Miklos [sshfs] Failure behavior? This command is not needed if OVH had correctly enabled FUSE for your container. Thanks! I appreciate your time to assist me on this issue.

If this is not possible please also let me know. Thank you. ssh debian sshfs fuse share|improve this question asked Aug 25 '12 at 18:49 John Baber-Lucero 3772615 add a comment| 5 Answers 5 active oldest votes up vote 28 down vote accepted In my case it wasn't. 1 apt-get install fuse-utils Further investigation showed that the kernel had recently been updated, but the machine hadn't been restarted so the latest installed kernel wasn't

The thing about '-o idmap=user' is a sshfs issue. Get in touch! Alternatively you can use a simple command instead of my tutorial. PLEASE NOTE.

Booted with some issues. So, what's the problem? * Incomplete sshfs documentation which should say that the user should be added to group fuse also to be able to use sshfs? (But isn't that a Reload to refresh your session. [Date Prev][Date Next] [Thread Prev][Thread Next] [Date Index] [Thread Index] sshfs and permissions of /dev/fuse To: [email protected] Subject: sshfs and permissions of /dev/fuse From: Vincent Lefevre Owner astrada commented Jul 26, 2016 • edited It looks like you don't have FUSE inside the container.

if you ll /dev/fuse you should get crw-rw---- 1 root fuse 10, 229 2007-10-07 12:42 /dev/fuse Maybe you're using a younger gibbon. Currently, we are not loading the FUSE module but i will submit this as an enhancement request. Hi yoakim, I don't think you need the commands "/etc/init.d/fuse stop/start".