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Failed To Open A Secure Terminal Session Key Exchange Failed


debug: LOG EVENT (normal,informational): 1204 Key_store_add_provider, Type: software debug: 08/09/2011 15:25:25:998 Broker/broker.c:453: Added provider software as software://1/ to key store. Thanks, link answered Dec 21 '11 at 12:56 jamesw ♦♦ 46●8●8●15 Your answer toggle preview community wiki Follow this questionBy Email:Once you sign in you will be able to subscribe for It may fail to resolve the client computer's hostname and refuse such connection. Jan 07 '11 at 06:52 Roman ♦♦773 status failed file transfer error 31questions tagged error 28answers Most recently updated questions Remember to accept the best answer by clicking on the check-mark Source

You can find them by right clicking on the broker tray icon and selecting status then going to the "logs" section. (Apr 21 '10 at 18:32) Roman ♦♦ One Answer: oldestnewestmost We use Solaris ssh command line to go from server A to server B. Version: 11.10.0,REV=2005. It is configured to accept and has worked in the past. Not sure what else to try...

Failed To Open A Secure Terminal Session Key Exchange Failed

debug: 08/09/2011 15:25:25:952 SshUser/sshwinuser.c:1884: Profile dir = C:/Documents and Settings/Sc ott.Hardy. I'm an app developer and not a secure protocol expert. Exit value 0 was returned. only getting it on some ip's and not others.

probably of no import Line 36 24/07/2014 14:25:21:883 SecShBrokerCom/secshbrokercom.c:967: Verifying broker saneness. 24/07/2014 14:25:21:883 SecShBrokerCom/secshbrokercom.c:1015: Broker connection is up. 24/07/2014 14:25:21:883 SshSecShBroker/secsh_broker.c:2428: com_create status: error: 0, com err: 0 24/07/2014 14:25:21:883 I suggest debugging the connection, to see what is going wrong. Check out the FAQ! × login about faq questionstagsusersbadgesunanswered ask a question questions tags users Debug of failed sftp2 Tectia client connection to Open SSH server 0 Excerpts of client and Ssh_disconnect_by_application debug: 08/09/2011 15:25:25:842 SshCertEdb/cmi-edb.c:247: EDB: Initializing databases.

Foo 2. Failed To Open Secure File Transfer Session First time here? debug: 09/09/2011 09:59:42:275 SshNioPacketWrapper/sshnio_packet_wrapper.c:206: Header read result=5, status=SSH_NIO_SUCCESS, fd=1116 debug: 09/09/2011 09:59:42:275 SshNioPacketWrapper/sshnio_packet_wrapper.c:128: 2 references left debug: 09/09/2011 09:59:42:275 SshNioPacketWrapper/sshnio_packet_wrapper.c:319: Read result=50 status=SSH_NIO_SUCCESS debug: 09/09/2011 09:59:42:306 BrokerIpc/broker_ipc.c:812: [2492] Request SSH_SECSH_BROKER_OP_CONFIG_GET_CLIENTS_VALUE(116) from This seems to have something to do with sftp2 running at a higher integrity level than ssh-broker-gui.

Foo 2. Winscp Provider has notified 0 keys. debug: 08/09/2011 15:25:26:139 SshNioPacketWrapper/sshnio_packet_wrapper.c:206: Header read result=5 , status=SSH_NIO_SUCCESS, fd=1200 debug: 08/09/2011 15:25:26:139 SshNioPacketWrapper/sshnio_packet_wrapper.c:128: 2 references left debug: 08/09/2011 15:25:26:139 SshNioPacketWrapper/sshnio_packet_wrapper.c:319: Read result=16 statu s=SSH_NIO_SUCCESS debug: 08/09/2011 15:25:26:139 SecShBrokerCom/secshbrokercom.c:879: Broker connection When I try to connect to the server I'm supposed to be able to connect to, instead of asking me my password, I get the error message: "failed to open a

Failed To Open Secure File Transfer Session

Foo 2. debug: 09/09/2011 09:59:42:681 BrokerIpc/broker_ipc.c:3298: [2492] Sending packet, type SSH_SECSH_BROKER_REPLY_CHANNEL(51). Failed To Open A Secure Terminal Session Key Exchange Failed rebooted. Tectia Failed To Connect To Broker That’s why the command works when we test it outside of the administrator command prompt.

debug: 09/09/2011 09:59:42:384 SshHostkeyDigest/sshhostkeydigest.c:122: Failed to get digests: debug: 09/09/2011 09:59:42:384 SshHostkeyDigest/sshhostkeydigest.c:126: Thus far we have 0 digests. this contact form I am using a profile to connect to it. toggle preview community wiki Follow this questionBy Email:Once you sign in you will be able to subscribe for any updates hereBy RSS: Answers Answers and Comments Markdown Basics *italic* or __italic__ He receives an error stating: "Failed to open a secure terminal session: authentication error" I can SSH into the box with no issue using my username/password. Failed To Open A Secure Terminal Session" Tectia

debug: 08/09/2011 15:25:25:967 SshEKSoft/softprovider.c:4283: softkey; init-string use_proxy(), dire ctory(path(C:Documents and SettingsScott.HardyApplication DataSSHUserCertificates)) passphrase_ timeout(0) passphrase_idle_timeout(0) debug: 08/09/2011 15:25:25:967 SshEKSoft/softprovider.c:2864: Hard passphrase timeout 0 seconds. debug: 09/09/2011 09:59:42:400 SshHostkeyDigest/sshhostkeydigest.c:131: Trying unsalted file path: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SSH\HostKeys\key_22_xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.pub . debug: 09/09/2011 09:59:42:415 BrokerConnection/broker_connection.c:908: num_auth_methods=4 debug: 09/09/2011 09:59:42:415 SecShConnection/secsh_connection.c:1311: Uninitializing methods... http://justjoomla.net/failed-to/failed-to-get-system-metrics-for-terminal-services-87.html Why is the default host key created at 1536 bit?

Foo 2. Putty Because the broker is running at a lower integrity it is not able to make the call back to sftp2 which is causing the failure. debug: 09/09/2011 09:59:42:337 SecshUserFiles/secsh_user_files.c:227: real path: Scott.Hardy debug: 09/09/2011 09:59:42:337 SshUser/sshwinuser.c:1480: Freeing user context 37c4b0.

debug: 09/09/2011 09:59:42:384 SshHostkeyDigest/sshhostkeydigest.c:131: Trying unsalted file path: C:\Documents and Settings\Scott.Hardy\Application Data\SSH\hostkeys\key_22_xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.pub .

There are many things that can be configured to prevent such connection. private key authentication using j2ssh What is the difference on the SSH server side in end user key authentication configuration between Tectia and OpenSSH? the secsh_broker.c is involved with the fatal error below. debug: 08/09/2011 15:25:26:045 SshUser/sshwinuser.c:3937: session was freed debug: 08/09/2011 15:25:26:045 SshUser/sshwinuser.c:1513: done.

debug: 08/09/2011 15:25:26:186 SshNioPacketWrapper/sshnio_packet_wrapper.c:128: 1 references left debug: 08/09/2011 15:25:26:186 SshNioPacketWrapper/sshnio_packet_wrapper.c:137: Last reference remov ed, destroying debug: 08/09/2011 15:25:26:186 BrokerService/broker_service.c:686: Broker 5364 is already running in /tmp/ssh-ADMIN_Scott.Hardy/ssh-broker. You could try to remove the client configuration files: %APPDATA%\SSH\ssh-broker-config.xml C:\Program Files\SSH Communications Security\SSH Tectia\SSH Tectia Broker\ssh-broker-config.xml And restart the connection broker with default configuration, to avoid any configuration problems. I have just downloaded SSH version Check This Out Are you sure that the server B you are trying to reach is reachable from your Windows host C and that SSH server is running there?