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Failed To Create Search For Directory Org.apache.lucene.store.fsdirectory

current community chat Stack Overflow Meta Stack Overflow your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list. void sync(Collection<String>names) Ensure that any writes to these files are moved to stable storage. http://justjoomla.net/failed-to/bfsvc-failed-to-create-a-new-system-store-status-c000003a.html

Why was this unhelpful? Already have an account? Throws: NoSuchDirectoryException - if the directory does not exist, or does exist but is not a directory. IOException - if list() Specified by: listAllin classDirectory Throws: IOException - in case of IO error fileLength publiclongfileLength(Stringname) throws IOException Returns the length in

Applications using Thread.interrupt() or Future.cancel(boolean) should use RAFDirectory instead. Source file: DefaultDirectoryManager.java 17 public Directory getDirectory(boolean create) throws IOException { if (!_location.exists() && create) { _location.mkdirs(); } if (create) { IndexSignature sig=null; if (_location.exists()) { sig=getCurrentIndexSignature(); } if (sig == Source file: ARunWithIndexReader.java 15 /** * Opens a fresh index reader. * @param log the log resource * @return a new index reader or null * @throws IOException if an error Why was this unhelpful?

void setLockFactory(LockFactorylockFactory) Set the LockFactory that this Directory instance should use for its locking implementation. int getReadChunkSize() The maximum number of bytes to read at once from the underlying file during DataInput.readBytes(byte[], int, int). String[] listAll() Lists all See questions about this article Powered by Confluence and Scroll Viewport Atlassian Support Ask the community Provide product feedback Contact technical support Atlassian Privacy Policy Terms of use Security Copyright © This is a good choice if you have plenty of virtual memory relative to your index size, eg if you are running on a 64 bit JRE, or you are running

For many applications this limitation is not a problem (e.g. Source file: LuceneExecutor.java 15 /** * Gets an index writer for the repository. Reload to refresh your session. Was this helpful?

This is usually caused by insufficient permissions to write, but could also happen if that filesystem ran out of space. But i want to make it a web baed app. Throws: IOException - if there was an IO error while retrieving the file's length. Was this helpful?

For all others, you should instantiate the desired implementation directly. Yes No Thanks for your feedback! static long fileModified(Filedirectory, Stringname) Returns the time the named file was last modified. Why was this unhelpful?

See NIOFSDirectory java doc for details. http://justjoomla.net/failed-to/keepassdroid-failed-to-store-database.html Yes No Thanks for your feedback! Overrides: getLockIDin classDirectory close publicvoidclose() Closes the store to future operations. Diagnosis The following appears in the atlassian-confluence.log: 2011-07-26 16:54:12,068 ERROR [pool-10-thread-1] [ext.usage.event.UsageTaskQueue] run Error indexing task: UsageEventWrapperTask: view:page(1376415) at Tue Jul 26 16:54:11 CEST 2011: com.atlassian.bonnie.LuceneException: Couldn't open writer on directory:

NOTE: this method may suddenly change which implementation is returned from release to release, in the event that higher performance defaults become possible; if the precise implementation is important to your Source file: IndexerDAO.java 15 /** * Inizializzazione dell'indicizzatore. * @param dir La cartella locale contenitore dei dati persistenti. * @param newIndex true se ? This ID should be the same if two Directory instances (even in different JVMs and/or on different machines) are considered "the same index". http://justjoomla.net/failed-to/failed-to-create-directory-vuze-android.html Contributor s1monw commented Jan 10, 2014 Please use the mailing list for questions like this in the future!

See Also:Directory Field Summary Fields Modifier and Type Field and Description protected Path directory Fields inherited from classorg.apache.lucene.store.BaseDirectory isOpen, lockFactory Constructor Summary Attempting to forcibly unlock the index."); if (IndexWriter.isLocked(fsDirectory)) { try { IndexWriter.unlock(fsDirectory); logger.info("Successfully unlocked search directory " + searchIndexPath.getAbsolutePath()); } catch ( IOException ex) { logger.warn("Unable to unlock search directory " Yes No Thanks for your feedback!

Source file: TrainMoreLikeThis.java 15 protected void openIndexWriter(String pathname) throws IOException { Directory directory=FSDirectory.open(new File(pathname)); Analyzer analyzer=new EnglishAnalyzer(Version.LUCENE_36); if (nGramSize > 1) { ShingleAnalyzerWrapper sw=new ShingleAnalyzerWrapper(analyzer,nGramSize,nGramSize,"-",true,true); analyzer=sw; } IndexWriterConfig config=new IndexWriterConfig(Version.LUCENE_36,analyzer); config.setOpenMode(OpenMode.CREATE);

This will consume additional transient disk usage: on Windows, attempts to delete or overwrite the files will result in an exception; on other platforms, which typically have a "delete on last Can you take a short rest while unconscious? The locking implementation is by default NativeFSLockFactory, but can be changed by passing in a custom LockFactory instance. Therefore, we've added the open(java.io.File) method, to allow Lucene to choose the best FSDirectory implementation given your environment, and the known limitations of each implementation.

What is the XP and difficulty of an encounter when a monster can transform? void deleteFile(Stringname) Removes an existing file in the directory. Source file: TestSolrOutputFormat.java 15 @Test public void test() throws Exception { trash(OUTPUT); TupleSolrOutputFormatExample example=new TupleSolrOutputFormatExample(); example.run(INPUT,OUTPUT,getConf()); assertTrue(new File(OUTPUT + "/part-00000/data/index").exists()); assertTrue(new File(OUTPUT + "/FR/part-00000/data/index").exists()); assertTrue(new File(OUTPUT + "/ES/part-00000/data/index").exists()); IndexReader r=IndexReader.open(FSDirectory.open(new File(OUTPUT http://justjoomla.net/failed-to/failed-to-create-parent-directory-android-studio.html Overrides: toStringin classBaseDirectory fsync protectedvoidfsync(Stringname) throws IOException Throws: IOException Overview Package Class Use Tree Deprecated Help Prev Class Next Class

NOTE: this method may suddenly change which implementation is returned from release to release, in the event that higher performance defaults become possible; if the precise implementation is important to your share|improve this answer edited Jul 11 '14 at 16:44 answered Jul 11 '14 at 12:38 mindas 18.7k1160129 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote Had the same problem trying to Disabling. -- referer: http://mymachine.com:8094/confluence/plugins/servlet/upm/manage/system | url: /confluence/rest/plugins/1.0/com.atlassian.confluence.ext.usage-key | userName: username com.atlassian.bonnie.LuceneException: Failed to create searcher for directory: [email protected]/home/confluenceconfluence-home/index/plugin/usage [email protected] . . . Backup /index/edge - this is where the index of Likes and Popular Content are stored.

What is this metal rail in the basement ceiling Spatial screwdriver Was the London Blitz accidentally started by lost pilots? The channel will remain closed and subsequent access to the index will throw a ClosedChannelException. void deleteFile(Stringname) Removes an existing file in the directory. It is highly recommended that you consult the implementation's documentation for your platform before using this method.

NOTE: This value should be as large as possible to reduce any possible performance impact. Method Summary Methods Modifier and Type Method and Description void close() Closes the store to future operations. IndexOutput createOutput(Stringname, Specified by: createOutputin classDirectory Throws: IOException ensureCanWrite protectedvoidensureCanWrite(Stringname) throws IOException Throws: IOException onIndexOutputClosed It only happens on 32bit JVMs with a large maximum heap size.

protected void fsync(Stringname) Path getDirectory() String[] listAll() Returns an array Sign in to comment Contact GitHub API Training Shop Blog About © 2017 GitHub, Inc.