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Mythtv Reset Mysql Password


mythtv-common mythtv/svn_warning boolean -- # The Ubuntu MythTV packages generate a random MySQL password. Strange... Type mythtv in the Quick Search box and then place a check against mythtv in the list of results returned and click Mark For Installation. Board index The team • Delete all board cookies • All times are UTC Powered by phpBB Forum Software © phpBB Group [mythtv-users] Can't connect to myth converg and can't dpkg-configure

This appears to be a bug in the mysql MyISAM AMD64 packages. I updated the 21 packages > that adept_notifier had flagged since just after this began, and > everything went smoothly. > > Thank you for your help. This solution is based on the MythTV Wiki. Enable Digest Authentication in MythWeb For those people who want to have MythWeb access from the open internet the Apache authentication should be enabled.

Mythtv Reset Mysql Password

The only \ thing I can think of is that managed  to reconfigure 'localhost' somehow? \ Regardless ,if I enter the new IP address of the computer in the setup the Please! I did reconfigure the network the other day, but the mythTV frontend and ba= ckend are on the one box and configured to localhost, so I can't see how ch= anging During one purge and reinstall cycle I got access denied for mythtv user so I granted permissions using the command below: mysql> grant all on mythconverg.* to [email protected]"192.168.1.%" identified by "mythtv";

This cannot be the right way to fix whatever problem is being described in this bug. If not then see the workaround here: When 'Scan For Channels' does not find anythingNOTE: if you get a "failed to open the card" error when you try and scan for From there either update debconf (using debconf-set-selections) or create/modify your server to match what it wants. Mythtv Could Not Connect To The Database Hope this sheds some light.

I left these as defaults, and hit immediately. (Oh, and it shows "No UPnP devices available", to which I say "OK" since there is nothing else to say. Access Denied For User 'mythtv'@'localhost' (using Password Yes) Be sure it does not already exist or know that it will be overwritten. You should be able to get by by setting a > root password with > > dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.0 > > and then setup a db using > > dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database > In this case you only have openbox and all of the setting are harder to get to.

Done Building tag database... Mythtv Unable To Connect To Database It is a Dvico model that is not yet supported by the mainline v4l tree. (I got it working with the branch made available by Chris Pascoe back in December 2007). If you have a multiple-tuner card installed then go into the Recording Options option and check that the Max Recordings option matches the number of tuners you have.If you have more When I enter that it \ immediately restarts the frontend and takes me through the setup process again, \ endlessly.

Access Denied For User 'mythtv'@'localhost' (using Password Yes)

Subscribing... Do you want to continue? [Y/n/?] Writing extended state information... Mythtv Reset Mysql Password I'm in the UK so I set the TV Format to PAL and the Channel frequency table to europe-west. Mythtv Database Setup Could not capture this for you, because a fullscreen display suddenly appears) The fullscreen display prompts for things like database name, user , password.

But it *is* a dependency and it *was* pulled into the install and it is *now* installed (after the install finished). The fix: sudo rm mythtv/recordings/nfslockfile.lock sudo /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend restart Sound from live TV does not pause Symptom: You can watch TV and hear the audio. The assumption here is that you followed the installation instructions for a non-desktop box. Please leave the password blank and click Forward.Will you be using other computers running MythTV? Mythtv-setup Cannot Connect To Database

Read more... Removing mysql-server-5.0 ... * Stopping MySQL database server mysqld [ OK ] Purging configuration files for mysql-server-5.0 ... Next click the Apply button and then the Apply button once again for confirmation.NOTE: If you don't have the Synaptic Package Manager (it is not installed by default under Lucid or I can connect to the database through the command line using the password i got during the initial install so there's nothing wrong with the account.

sudo htdigest -c /var/www/htdigest MythTV Where is the name you want to use to login It will ask for the password to be set. Mythtv Backend Setup If I try to run the backend I get a message telling me it can't connect to the database. I'd appreciate any clues on what I should do next, or even just where I sho= uld look next.

Can I just create this directory by hand, or do I > need to run a configuration program to make sure things are done right? > > -- > mythtv-database configuration

When it asked root password I gave something which has numbers, letters (including capitals) and % sign. You can use the alsamixer utility to change these settings. Cheers, --Frank On 12/16/08, Mario Limonciello

If still no access for '[email protected]', may need to re-install MySQL A possible problem seen in (k)Ubuntu 8.04 and possibly other setups is that MySQL is already pre-installed (since it is Strange... > QServerSocket: failed to bind or listen to the socket > 2008-06-27 23:12:05.601 MCP::InitUPnP() - HttpServer Create Error > 2008-06-27 23:12:05.601 Deleting UPnP client... > 2008-06-27 23:12:05.601 No UPnP backends Removing mysql-server ... You should be able to get by by setting a root password with dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.0 and then setup a db using dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 20:03, Frank