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Windbg Crash Dump Analysis Commands


WinDbg Debgging Screenshots Step 1 - File Menu Step 2 - Selecting soffice.bin Step 3 - Ready for Input Step 4 - Debugging Running Step 5 - Debugging Complete Step 6 Print call stacks of all threads. Correct?=0A=0A2.=0A=0A"it's just plain not = valid (i.e. thanks in advance, George Message 2 of 8 23 Nov 0800:06 Ken Johnson [email protected] Join Date: 24 Jul 2008 Posts To This List: 296 access violation exception dump debug

Similarly, if we build the binary in debug mode, we do get more debugging information and more the size of binary. In the dialog that appears, locate and select soffice.exe from the folder in which it is installed and check the Debug child processes also checkbox at the bottom of the dialog. In such an unfortunate event, some debugging data can be gathered by the user and submitted to the LibreOffice developer team, so that they can fight the bug. These windows allow us to see the types and values of the structure's member variables.

Windbg Crash Dump Analysis Commands

I've seen cases of multiple instances of a DLL loaded, not sure if that automatically is a bug. –tehlexx Apr 24 '14 at 14:24 | show 5 more comments Your Answer The most important (in my opinion) variants of /m option are listed in the following table: Option Description Example /m This option is used by default. Here is how this command can be represented in a batch file: ; lm.bat cdb -pv %1 %2 -logo out.txt -c "lm;q" If we want to run this batch file to Once you set this up, click ok to this dialog and then Save the workspace so that every time you launch windbg it is already set.

There is no cookie cutter methods to learn reading dumps. First save workspace with symbols file path in WinDbg ("Workspace-master" used here). Following frames may be wrong. +0x159e # 31 Id: 105c.2310 Suspend: 1 Teb: 7ef00000 Unfrozen user32!NtUserGetMessage+0x15 user32!GetMessageW+0x33 mciwave!TaskBlock+0x1d mciwave!PlayFile+0xcb mciwave!mwTask+0x98 winmm!mmStartTask+0x22 kernel32!BaseThreadInitThunk+0xe ntdll!__RtlUserThreadStart+0x70 ntdll!_RtlUserThreadStart+0x1b: $>!analyze -v FAULTING_IP: mciwave_4e880000!TaskBlock+1d 4e88159e ?? ??? Clr Exception - Code E0434352 d:\procdump4.01> Open WinDbg and load .dmp file (File▸ Open Crash Dump...).

Microsoft provides a symbol server that contains the public symbols for the system dlls. Faulting Module Name: Indicates which module in this application or executable has misbehaved. The go to File->Open Crash dump and then select the Second Chance Av.dmp. Installation Notes The installation needs to be run with administrator access, so if your user account isnt an administrator, then right-click the .msi file and select "execute as administrator".

In this folder you will find the three dump files. Windbg Call Stack A Firefox nightly or release You need a Firefox version for which symbols are availables from the Mozilla symbol server to use with WinDbg. Look at the thread #31's callstack. –DarkUrse Apr 24 '14 at 14:21 The start-address and image-size arguments should be taken from the unloaded module output. All rights reserved. *** wait with pending attach Symbol search path is: c:\lodev\symbols;SRV*c:\Symbols\mssymbols\*http://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols Executable search path is: ModLoad: 01280000 0132a000 C:\Program Files (x86)\LOdev 3.5\program\soffice.bin [...] ModLoad: 5f520000 5fa4d000 C:\Program Files (x86)\LOdev

Basethreadinitthunk Msdn

is it the memory address not allocated (or reserved) in current process = virtual memory space? 2. Or something = else possible?=0A=0A=0Athanks in advance,=0AGeorge=0A=0A=0A=A0 =A0 =A0 =0A= =0A---=0AYou are currently subscribed to windbg as: [email protected]= .com=0ATo unsubscribe send a blank email to [email protected]= om=0A=0A---=0AYou are currently subscribed to Windbg Crash Dump Analysis Commands Currently, I am not sure whether no access means, the memory is deleted, or protected by kernel or invalid address which contains nothing at the address at all. :-) > I Windbg Analyze You can find the latest trunk nightly builds under http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.o.../latest-trunk/.

In the dialog that appears, select soffice.bin from the list of filename (it normally is the last one in the list if LibreOffice was the last application you started). Here is how to use this command: cdb -z c:\myapp.dmp -logo out.txt -lines -c "!analyze -v;q" (-v option asks !analyze to display verbose output) CrashDemo.cpp sample demonstrates how to use a Or want to find the addresses of a set of symbols with the same pattern in the name (for example, all member functions of a class)? Displaying data structures If we want to explore the contents of a data structure, we usually use Visual Studio's Watch, QuickWatch or other similar window. Windbg Break On First Chance Exception

If we see the stack trace, it says the crash happened in Appcrash.exe, in function main at Offset of 0x39. Now run Firefox by opening the Debug menu and clicking Go. Correct?=0A=0A= 2.=0A=0A"it's just plain not valid (i.e. Once you press the OK button in either of the dialogs, a series of lines will be printed to window, the last of which will have int 3 on it.

This is due to optimizations which are enabled during the compilation. Windbg Exception But having all the links at the start is even better. Download it from Install Debugging Tools for Windows. (You'll want the 32-bit version, even if you are using a 64-bit version of Windows) Then install it, the standard settings in the

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Full minidump= s (e.g. EXCEPTION_PARAMETER1: 00000008 EXCEPTION_PARAMETER2: 4e88159e WRITE_ADDRESS: 4e88159e FOLLOWUP_IP: mciwave_4e880000!TaskBlock+1d 4e88159e ?? ??? When we see this, we generally select the option "Close Program" and then try to launch the application again. Invalid_pointer_read In this case it will take you to Temp->y = 30.

It is 32-bit x86 code release version. I really can't think of anything to improve (for now )Going to read the follow-ups now ...GOTOs are a bit like wire coat hangers: they tend to breed in the darkness, After we have executed .ecxr, and only after that, we can reliably get access to the call stack and the values of local variables at the moment when the exception was We can say this since we have the code and it is small enough to figure out the source of the problem.

Use thereof is explained in our [[TradeMark Policy|trademark policy]] (see [[Project:Copyrights]] for details). Visual Studio does not offer an easy-to-use solution, but fortunately CDB does. or the memory address d= eleted? Browse other questions tagged windbg access-violation winmm mci windows-error-reporting or ask your own question.

Follow this link for more details. Check the File menu of Internet Explorer to ensure "Work Offline" is unchecked. map out you mean page out? = I think !address command in my experience just check memory address/page pr= operty, not doing anything like page out. :-)=0A=0A=0Aregards,=0AGeorge=0A= =0A=0A----- Original Message ----=0AFrom: When we are starting to analyze such a dump, we usually want to know the call stacks of all threads.

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Posting Rules You may not post new threads You may not post replies You may not post attachments You must login to OSR Online AND be a member of the Not valid address or protected by OS kernel do you mean?=0A=0A3.=0A= =0A"This can also happen in kernel mode if the requested address was paged = out." -- I am debugging a Go to "Run" type "eventvwr": Have a look at the Text written in the General Tab, there are two interesting points in that: Faulting Application Name: Indicates the application which is It is found in the Debugging Tools for Windows folder.

You can look at local variables of a function by using the following command “dv” .When you do dv you get the following output 0:000> dv argc = 1 argv =